Ilya Akulshin

Digital Marketing Expert with 7 years of experience (E-Commerce in-house, Digital Agency). GeekBrains Expert. High level competencies in Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO, RTB, SERM, Media plannig, Special projects management, BI development, Omnichannel communication, “Non-Last click attribution model dreamer”). Python, Django, Web, NLP enthusiast.

Briefly about me


I have been working at for about 2 years. The tasks those our team solved were as complex and various as possible. Unit Economic. Huge data. Automatize everything you can. Performance. Performance. Performance.


My scope has been evolving for 6 years. From manual launches to developing and implementation of digital 360 strategies. From first search campaign to w2a integrations and custom funnel based digital attribution platform.

Digital Agency

My career path was started from a digital agency. Where I worked with clients directly like an account manager from the one side and like a performance specialist from the other. So I know how it works from the inside.

Programming mindset

Reporting, audiences and feeds generation and API transferring. Clusterization and Ad Campaigns generation. The most part of routine processes should be automatized.


June 2023 - Current
Head of Digital Marketing


1. Management of an inhouse team of 11 players (Performance, Digital Media, Special)
2. Management of more than 30 contractors
3. Development and implementation of Performance and Digital Media strategy
4. Achieving of the set KPIs in a super competitive niche (eGroccery, RTE)
5. The best bying conditions on the market
6. A deep level of technology and understanding of the e-commerce product (according to the challenge, the product why the test did not get colored, I will help the developers understand why deep links fall)

June 2022 - June 2023
Performance Group Account Director

iProspect (OKKAM ex. Dentsu)

1. Fullstack channel set (SEM, CPA, Retargeting, Media) coordination
2. Client accounting
3. Development and implementation of a performance strategy
4. Web / App
5. It's an agency, you know...

May 2021 - June 2022
Performance Group Head

iProspect (Dentsu Aegis Network)

1. Fullstack channel set (SEM, CPA, Retargeting, ...) coordination
2. Client accounting
3. Development and implementation of a performance strategy
4. Web / App
5. It's an agency, you know...

September 2021 - Current
Digital Marketing Expert


Search Engine Marketing desciplines teaching

August 2019 - May 2021
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

1. SEM, SEO, RTB, Media Planning, Web Analysis, BI development
2. Special Projects Management
3. Process optimization/automatization

2017 - 2023
Performance Marketing Manager

Furniture Factory «Marya», «Edim Doma», «Mia»

1. Development and implementation of a PPC strategy
2. Regular and ad-hoc reporting on campaign performance

2016 - 2017
Digital Marketing Specialist

BMG (Agency)

2. Development and implementation of a digital strategy for local companies
3. Providing customers from a contract to closing documentations


Digital Forensics - Master degree

Saratov State Law Academy


I have a deep experience of manual campaign management, web projects development (from technical requirement to deploy, have self-written k-means clusterisator, SEO and PPC are my strongest skills.

Without any troubles I can collect data in BigQuery from other sources and then compose it in PowerBI or GDS dashboard.

My background like a specialist helps me to get where is trouble in client’s funnel and why this type of campaign doesn’t work properly. I can break down process by elements to find out a problem and suggest a solution how to fix it. Relevant experience in analytics and SQL let make queries to any db and develop dashboards.

But it doesn't make me a solo player, it makes me a person who can figure out what team does in the next sprint and why this task from a backlog has more priority over the other.


If I tell about cases at, it will take me ages, because every marketing activity is a case in itself, because we are aimed at strict targets. The work at this company isn't about just a campaigns, instruments and KPI's. It's about approach and helicopter view. We'll discuss it at the interview.

Maria, Edim Doma, Mia

I've been working with these brands for about 4 years. I reduced target CPA by 40%, and we've been keeping this target for 3 years, in the face of a dynamically developing market, increasing competitors and overheated ad auctions.